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  1. By Topic is the Best Way Sort Your App Icons
  2. Computer is the Best modern day invention that changed our lives forever
  3. Acer is the Worst Computer Manufacturer/Brand Ever
  4. Poking is the Worst Facebook Feature Ever
  5. Chef is the Best Southpark-Character Ever
  6. Just Reached 500 Amen is the Best to mention right now
  7. Disease is the Worst Of The World ...
  8. Poorness is the Worst Of The World ...
  9. A Guy Wearing A Regular Kettle With A Keylock Around His Neck is the Worst Thing Iv Seen Today
  10. A Guy Having A Post-it On His Mobile is the Best Weird Thing Iv Seen Today


  1. Elmar Ewaldt
  2. Antony Bauer
  3. Andrew Saunderson
  4. Lorenz Schmid
  5. prefectionist
  6. Joachim Moncoq
  7. Christian Pfeiffer
  8. PlayScotch
  9. Damsel fly
  10. K. Burker


  1. Elmar Ewaldt
  2. Luke Bolton
  3. Appraise
  4. Theo Rieken
  5. East Westphalian Knight
  6. Jack Townsin
  7. Heath kirley
  8. Helmut Auboeck
  9. Simone barton
  10. James Ward

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