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  1. Dead Parrot is the Best Monty Python sketch Ever
  2. Monkigras is the Best Conference Ever
  3. Yodel is the Worst Delivery Service Ever
  4. Steve Jobs is the Best Chief Executive Officer Ever
  5. Mqtt is the Best Thing Ever
  6. Google+ is the Best Facebook Status Killer Ever
  7. Doctor Who is the Best TV Program Ever
  8. Noel Gallagher is the Best Songwriter Ever
  9. Judge Dredd is the Best Dude Ever


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  2. Dirk Spannaus
  3. Ed Brill
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  9. Matt Biddulph
  10. Felix Petersen


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  7. Dirk Spannaus
  8. Farhan Rehman
  9. Ed Brill
  10. Mario Menti

The Best & Worst of Everything

Andy Piper

Andy Piper wants to share with you The Best Conference, The Worst Delivery Service, and The Best Thing. Join to find out!

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