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Recent Amens

  1. Vodka is the Best Thing We Associate With Russia Ever
  2. Wayland-Yuanti Corporation is the Best Fictional Corporation Ever
  3. James Earl Jones is the Best Male Voice Ever
  4. N.W.A is the Best 80s Band Ever
  5. M.I.A. is the Worst A.W.O.L. Ever
  6. alemannisch is the Best German Accent Ever
  7. Mientus Flagship Store is the Best Place for Buying Clothes In Berlin
  8. Gertrude Stein is the Best Female Poet Ever
  9. DOA: Dead or Alive is the Worst Video Game To Movie Adaptation Ever
  10. Musikantenstadl is the Best Old Lady Program Ever Ever


  1. Sabine Petry
  2. Bianca Jacobi
  3. Linda rios
  4. Axel Zawierucha
  5. a
  6. Achim Vedam
  7. Oliver Dehne
  8. BKAT
  9. Ralf Weber
  10. Quentin Gerritino


  1. Nikolaj
  2. Philip
  3. Florian Resatsch
  4. Stephen K
  5. Thomas Janson
  6. Rainer mit ai ★
  7. pira7ex (The 3M Face)
  8. Barak Bar-Am
  9. Sabine Petry
  10. samcologne

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