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  1. Lost in Translation is the Best Film By Sofia Coppola Ever
  2. Onion rings is the Best topping on a burger Ever
  3. Any Given Sunday is the Best Movie About Football Ever
  4. The A-Team is the Best Soundtrack in a TV Show Ever
  5. A Fully Stocked Minibar is the Best Hotel Room Feature Ever
  6. Espresso & Grappa is the Best dessert combination Ever
  7. Bad News Bears is the Best Baseball Movie Ever
  8. Bulgogi is the Best Korean Food Ever
  9. Cantucini is the Best Sweet To Have With Coffee Ever
  10. Full On Makeup is the Best makeup ever.


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  5. Paul "King of Amen" Bello
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  9. Demi Moore
  10. David Noël


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Christina Schramm

Christina Schramm wants to share with you The Best Hotel Room Feature, the best dessert combination, and The Best Baseball Movie. Join to find out!

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