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  1. Hot coffee is the Best Thing About McDonald's
  2. Terminator 2 is the Best 2 Ever
  3. HUGE Kinder Eggs is the Best Thing You Can Buy In Berlin
  4. Conan O'Brien is the Best Late-Night Talk Show Host Ever
  5. Real Time with Bill Maher is the Best Political Talk Show Ever
  6. Louis C.K. is the Best Stand-up comedian Alive
  7. Cake is the Best Band Ever
  8. Jay and Silent Bob is the Best Movie Duo Ever
  9. Space is the Best Jam Ever
  10. SiteVision is the Worst CMS Ever


  1. Erik Rydström
  2. Viktor Enström
  3. Mirko Hirt
  4. Hannes Tydén
  5. Fronx
  6. Omid Aladini
  7. Parker Higgins
  8. Nelli Hergenröther
  9. Martin Weigert
  10. Da Gassa


  1. Mark Fairbourn
  2. Alexej
  3. Kai
  4. Cyrill Gutsch
  5. Brandon Waller
  6. Florian Kubis
  7. David Stupplebeen
  8. Charles Bush
  9. Martin Winter
  10. Karen Mardahl

The Best & Worst of Everything


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