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  1. Kevin James is the Best guest on any tv-show Ever
  2. Pay is the Best check Ever
  3. Scarlett Johansson is the Best Actor Who Was Great As A Kid And Equally Interesting As An Adault Ever
  4. Dirk Bach is the Worst idea for a new Tatort Kommissar Ever
  5. Paps is the Worst Way To Say Daddy In German Ever
  6. Watching New York's Skyline is the Best Thing About New Jersey
  7. Breakfast is the Best sports on Sunday mornings Ever
  8. Dressing Up For Casino is the Best Thing To Do This Evening
  9. Wissen macht Ah!  is the Best science program Ever
  10. Hugh Jackman is the Best Host Of The Academy Awards Ever


  1. Alexandre Borba
  2. Simon
  3. Bettina Schmieder
  4. Oliver schwarzenberg
  5. Madelene pont
  6. susi_suizide
  7. Jens B.
  8. Julie hanna
  9. Line arlander
  10. Azze


  1. Martin Bauer
  2. anna_belle
  3. stephanie sacco
  4. Max Dvořák
  5. Sven
  6. Oliver schwarzenberg
  7. Mac
  8. Jens B.
  9. szary
  10. monkeebrain

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Fabian Otto wants to share with you the best guest on any tv-show, The Worst idea for a new Tatort Kommissar, and The Worst Way To Say Daddy In German. Join to find out!

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