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  1. Waiting 3hours At A Doctors Waitingroom is the Best Motivation To Stay Healthy In Future Everrrrr
  2. A Half Glass Of Dirt Filled Up With Tabasco is the Best Summer Drink Ever
  3. Scarecrow is the Best Comic Book Character Ever
  4. Super Meat Boy is the Best Video Game For Xbox 360
  5. Christian Kracht is the Best Author Of Travel Writing In China
  6. The Airplane is the Best German Invention Ever
  7. Seargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (feat. Robert V Doerr Jr) - Robert V Doerr Jr is the Best Song by The Beatles
  8. Kfz Zulassungsstelle is the Best Place for Becoming A Serial Killer in Berlin
  9. Todo is the Best ToDo-App Ever
  10. Certainly Not The Most Boring Film Director Ever !! is the Best Film director Ever


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