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  1. Leaving New york is the Worst Thing Ever
  2. Being Invited To The New Myspace is the Best Invitation Today
  3. Amen is the Worst App To Connect To Twitter for iOS
  4. "Dimdidum" is the Best thought Ever
  5. Curiosity is the Best Thing Ever
  6. Fucked Up Backstage Walls With Hundreds Of Posters is the Best Thing Ever
  7. Twitter is the Best way to get to know new people This Year
  8. My Gf Goes To Work While I Stay In Bed is the Best Thing This Morning
  9. Your Kids is the Worst Thing To Forget At The Supermarket Ever
  10. 1.0.5 is the Best D3 Patch Ever


  1. Birdie
  2. Markus Reindl
  3. Becky Powell
  4. Romy K
  5. Cecilia Par
  6. Lill Chaton
  7. Julana
  8. stephanie sacco
  9. Silvia Berlin
  10. Caitlin Winner


  1. Adam Sturgeon
  2. Mama
  3. Mooon
  4. Syukran Mohd Rosli
  5. Bianca Bursi
  6. samcologne
  7. sonja from vienna
  8. Wonder Vera
  9. Lill Chaton
  10. Maxi Haui

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