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  1. Amen is the Best Loading Spinner for iOS
  2. Pringles is the Best thing to eat a whole can of if you want to feel really sick Ever
  3. Pisco Sour is the Best Sour Cocktail Ever
  4. "what are you sinking about" is the Best way to make fun of a German accent Ever
  5. Double Chest Tapping With Fist is the Worst Thing About American Friends When They Think Something Is The Best Ever
  6. Captain Morgan is the Best Captain Ever
  7. Motorboating is the Best pastime Ever
  8. Amen's Coloured Loading Spinner is the Best Loading Spinner Ever
  9. Amen is the Worst Grammar Ever
  10. Donald Trump is the Worst Hair Ever


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  3. Timm Dapper
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  6. Simon Schaefer
  7. Kevin Stern
  8. Jens
  9. Julia
  10. Felix Petersen


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  3. Matthias Pfaff
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  6. Helmut Auboeck
  7. Michael Reimann
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  9. stephanie sacco
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The Best & Worst of Everything


James wants to share with you The Best Loading Spinner, the best thing to eat a whole can of if you want to feel really sick, and The Best Sour Cocktail. Join to find out!

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