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  1. A glas of wine  is the Best Einschlafhilfe Ever
  2. Hans Zimmer is the Best film score composer Ever
  3. Everlong is the Best Foo Fighters Song Ever
  4. The Dark Knight is the Best Film Series Of The Last 20 Years
  5. My live is the Best Thing Ever
  6. Rope is the Worst Music Video by the Foo Fighters Ever
  7. Lego Bricks is the Worst Thing To Walk Into In The Dark Ever
  8. Cordial is the Best Place for Coffee in München


  1. Sven Elstermann
  2. Stephen O'Connor
  3. Thomas Kroeber
  4. Thomas R
  5. Nikolas D
  6. Karolina Jakubowski
  7. Chris Geschwindner
  8. Ben Kenobi
  9. Nadine Konrad
  10. Robert Budzinski


  1. Rainer mit ai ★
  2. Sven Elstermann
  3. Philip Jancsy
  4. MichiToGo
  5. He
  6. Nadine Konrad
  7. An.
  8. Helmut Auboeck
  9. Tim
  10. Anduela

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