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  1. Leonards Mom is the Best Character in The Big Bang Theory Ever
  2. Doggystyle is the Best G-Funk Album Ever
  3. Columbo is the Best TV Program Ever
  4. Dirty Diana is the Best Michael Jackson song Ever
  5. DoubleEye is the Best Place for Coffee in Berlin


  1. Jing Röttger
  2. Arzu Celik
  3. Dajana Günther
  4. Alan Cannistraro
  5. Sylvain Grande
  6. Stolke Deroy
  7. Marcel Duee
  8. Mel Cheng
  9. Amanuel Abrha
  10. Brandon Waller


  1. Jing Röttger
  2. Claudia Lindner
  3. Arzu Celik
  4. Falko Zurell
  5. Matthias Pfaff
  6. Kevin Coffey
  7. Dajana Günther
  8. Alan Cannistraro
  9. samcologne
  10. Christian Langer

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Jennifer Altgen wants to share with you The Best Character in The Big Bang Theory, The Best G-Funk Album, and The Best TV Program. Join to find out!

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