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  1. Martini is the Best Brunch Drink Ever
  2. The Parallax View is the Best Complex Film with an unexpected ending Ever
  3. 2012 VW Beetle is the Best Little Car Ever
  4. Smoking On Airplanes is the Best Smoking Related Memory Ever
  5. The Sound of Music is the Best Music Film that I can watch every week without getting tired of it ever


  1. Kevin Slavin
  2. Eric Wahlforss
  3. Edial Dekker
  4. Dave Morin
  5. Curt Simon Harlinghausen
  6. Christophe Maire
  7. aplusk
  8. Alexander Ljung
  9. Ailine Liefeld
  10. Travis J. Todd


  1. Levieee
  2. Jesmaus
  3. Emma O
  4. Erikamichelle
  5. George Brady
  6. Christie hodges
  7. Walter Knörnschild
  8. Izmirlicicikiz
  9. Rainer mit ai ★
  10. Strong Island

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John Franklin

John Franklin wants to share with you The Best Brunch Drink, The Best Complex Film with an unexpected ending, and The Best Little Car. Join to find out!

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