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  1. Batman is the Best Real City Name Ever
  2. Gordon Freeman is the Best Video Game Character Ever
  3. Dubstep is the Best Music for a romantic dinnerĀ  Ever
  4. Megs Hat is the Worst Smelling Thing Ever
  5. Amnesia is the Best Horror Video Game Ever
  6. Dubstep is the Worst Noise For People Over 30 Ever
  7. Dubstep is the Best Musical genre Ever
  8. The Ray Gun is the Best Weapon To Kill A Zombie Ever
  9. Modern language is the Worst Field Of Study Ever
  10. A Lawnmower is the Best Way To Shave Ever


  1. Amen Essam
  2. Nads
  3. Tall Sandman
  4. Sebastian Rozenberg
  5. Marco
  6. Katharina Bader
  7. Sascia Schloemer
  8. Daniel Blomquist
  9. Icyrain
  10. Sebastian Sieber


  1. Carmina
  2. john doe
  3. Eky
  4. Kevin machin
  5. Maximilian Rudorf
  6. Arminio
  7. Paddy Ma
  8. James
  9. Klaus Esterluss
  10. Frederick York

The Best & Worst of Everything

Kevin Stern

Kevin Stern wants to share with you The Best Real City Name, The Best Video Game Character, and The Worst Smelling Thing. Join to find out!

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