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  1. Love Comes Quickly - Pet Shop Boys is the Best Pet Shop Boys Song Ever
  2. Rostiger Pudel is the Best Place for Drinks in München
  3. Barack Obama is the Best US President Ever
  4. The Avengers is the Best Superhero Movie Ever
  5. Munich is the Best coming home Ever
  6. Depeche Mode is the Best Band Ever
  7. Iron Man is the Best Fictional Character Ever
  8. E.T. is the Best Illegal Immigrant Ever


  1. Daniel Brauer
  2. Michael Essl
  3. Tim Renner
  4. Amen Team
  5. Katapult
  6. Antoine Viguès
  7. Kai Loddenkemper
  8. Curt Simon Harlinghausen
  9. Kevin Slavin
  10. Robert Eysoldt


  1. Michael Essl
  2. Daniel Brauer
  3. Aza Muradova
  4. Maria Sot
  5. Robert Eysoldt
  6. Erikamichelle
  7. Kai Loddenkemper
  8. Hans-Joachim Berndt
  9. Felipe Tofani
  10. **TAZA**

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Lars Wagner

Lars Wagner wants to share with you The Best Place for Drinks, The Best Place for coming home, and The Best Fictional Character. Join to find out!

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