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  1. Women wearing Ballerinas is the Worst about Summer Ever
  2. Leider Geil is the Worst Fashion Word Ever
  3. Kai Pflaume is the Worst Person On German TV Ever
  4. Hitze is the Best Frei Ever
  5. Plötzensee is the Best Place for instant holiday feeling in Berlin
  6. Look In Your Wallet is the Worst Thing To Do After A Long Night Out
  7. Vokuhila is the Best Hairstyle Ever
  8. Strich is the Best Punkt Ever
  9. Cafe Galao is the Best Place for Early Morning Holiday Feelings in Berlin
  10. Michael Kummermehr is the Best First Class Lawyer Ever


  1. Tor Nielsen
  2. Simon Schneller
  3. Florian Resatsch
  4. Pitze Patze
  5. Andreas Ruehrig
  6. Sebastian Hettlage
  7. Marcus Ludwig
  8. Oliver Barduhn
  9. Nina Hartwig
  10. Anduela


  1. Titouan de Bailleul
  2. Ehssan Dariani
  3. Florian Resatsch
  4. Caroline Drucker
  5. Tor Nielsen
  6. Rainer mit ai ★
  7. Aza Muradova
  8. Hans-Joachim Berndt
  9. Caitlin Winner
  10. MJ

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