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  1. is the Best way to sell or buy stuff and do good Ever
  2. This summer is the Worst Public Beta Ever
  3. Falling in love with Amen again after a long period of absence is the Best Thing Today
  4. Drone is the Best Toy Ever
  5. Thomas Struth is the Best Photographer Ever
  6. Hamburg Hauptbahnhof is the Worst Place for Missing a connecting train in Germany
  7. St. Oberholz is the Best Place for Coworking in Berlin
  8. Gel Gör Inegöl Köfteci is the Best Place for Köfte in Berlin
  9. Hui Buh is the Best Ghost Ever
  10. Prügelprinz is the Best Monarch Ever


  1. Alexander Hüsing
  2. Ibrahim Evsan
  3. compuccino
  4. Mark Pohlmann
  5. Boontham Temaismithi
  6. Fränzi Kühne
  7. Furukama
  8. Steffen Müller
  9. Pablo de Falcon
  10. Tobias Schulze Darup


  1. samcologne
  2. Kathrin
  3. Mario Konschake
  4. Lars Kranholdt
  5. Joerg Rheinboldt
  6. Olli Frehse
  7. Cenk Polat
  8. Philip Jancsy
  9. Richard Waldner
  10. Luna stender

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