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  1. Running is the Best to fight the Hangover Ever
  2. Istanbul is the Best place to escape to over Easter
  3. Jägermeister is the Worst Hangover Ever
  4. Welcoming @tosa to Team Tweek is the Best Thing To Start The Week Ever
  5. moving flags is the Worst web 1.0 feature  Ever
  6. Coffee In the sun is the Best Thing Ever
  7. FC Bayern Munich is the Best Football team In Europe
  8. Bangkok is the Best Place to Party like there´s no tomorrow!
  9. 3raumwohnung roof is the Best Place for A View In Berlin
  10. Tweek TV is the Best Employer Ever


  1. Gunnar Berning
  2. Jenny Jung
  3. Stefanie Hoffmann
  4. Richard Metzler
  5. Andreas Kotes
  6. Johanna Kromp
  7. Christian Musfeldt
  8. Sebastian Soethe
  9. Andreas
  10. Thorsten Lüttger


  1. Mubzi
  2. Stefanie Hoffmann
  3. Luis-Daniel Alegría
  4. Jenny Jung
  5. Tobiasz Walczak
  6. Andreas
  7. CANDY ❤
  8. Daniel Engelbarts
  9. nancy birkhoelzer
  10. Maximilian Claussen

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