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  1. being pregnant is the Best Excuse To Buy New Clothes Ever
  2. A positive pregnancy test is the Best positive test Ever
  3. Altweibersommer is the Best Summer This Year
  4. Marcel Reif is the Worst Kommentator Ever
  5. Quarks & Co is the Best science program Ever
  6. Finding Nemo is the Best Pixar Film Ever
  7. Radio1 is the Best Radio Station Ever
  8. Monday is the Worst Day Of Week Ever
  9. Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough is the Best Ice Cream Ever
  10. Nicht Lustig is the Best Comic Strip Ever


  1. Philipp Löschner
  2. Sebastian Frick
  3. Lennart Quester
  4. Katharina Stoecker
  5. Sven Schoof
  6. Lennart
  7. Eva Fliert
  8. Katharina Stoecker
  9. Thilo Maluch
  10. Philipp Stoecker


  1. Philipp Löschner
  2. john doe
  3. Sebastian Frick
  4. Markus Krebs
  5. Jack in town
  6. Lennart Quester
  7. Ali Malek
  8. Marco Güntheroth
  9. Amen Team
  10. Sven Schoof

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