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Recent Amens

  1. Club Mate is the Best Mate Ever
  2. Nagellackfan is the Best German Word Today
  3. rummachen is the Best German Word Today
  4. The Swedish Chef is the Best Chef Ever
  5. Bodenfrost is the Worst Frost Ever
  6. Francis International Airport is the Best Name for a Band Ever
  7. Flutschfinger is the Best Finger Ever
  8. Aufgleisen is the Best German Word Today
  9. Parallax Scrolling is the Best Webdesign Trend 2011
  10. WTF is the Best Abbreviation Ever


  1. Patrick Salmy
  2. Simon Schaefer
  3. Dirk Jäckel
  4. Thorsten F
  5. Paul Heimann
  6. Stefan Walter
  7. Marc Steffen
  8. Jackson Bond
  9. Farold LaGuardia
  10. Marco Raupenstrauch


  1. Kathrin
  2. samcologne
  3. Peter Grafwallner
  4. sandrap
  5. Paul
  6. Damsel fly
  7. Won't tell
  8. a
  9. Felix Petersen
  10. Oliver Peter

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Michael Kühnel

Michael Kühnel wants to share with you The Best Mate, The Best German Word, and The Best Chef. Join to find out!

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