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  1. Mel Ramos is the Best Painter Ever
  2. Swiffer is the Best ridiculously overpriced useful thing Ever
  3. Barbra Streisand is the Best Duck Ever
  4. My train had a flat tire is the Best Excuse for coming late to School Ever
  5. Slamdunk on some giant and mean Aliens with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny is the Best movie scene I'd like to experience in real life Ever
  6. White and wet is the Best T-shirt Material Ever
  7. Die alte Schule is the Best Schule Ever
  8. Sido is the Best MTV Unplugged Ever
  9. Base is the Worst Hotline Ever
  10. Curling is the Worst And Most Boring Sports Ever


  1. Caitlin Winner
  2. Florian Weber
  3. Motosierrax


  1. Chiquira Wagner
  2. Felix Petersen
  3. Dom
  4. Bastian Doreth

The Best & Worst of Everything


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