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Recent Amens

  1. typing error is the Worst Mistake Today
  2. beeing in love is the Best Feeling Ever
  3. Monday is the Worst day for beeing late Ever
  4. set targets you can't win and you'll do is the Best Motto Ever
  5. Airberlin is the Worst Airline Ever
  6. Monday is the Worst Day Ever
  7. You make me fox devils wild is the Best german saying Ever
  8. Sencha Touch is the Best Mobile Web App Framework until now
  9. Pong is the Best Video Game Ever
  10. Amen is the Best Amen until now


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  2. Oliver Ecker
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  1. Hannes Eberlein
  2. Thomas Specht
  3. Jo Doppelgustav
  4. Michael Fuchs
  5. Oliver Ecker
  6. Marc Dibold
  7. Verena Freese
  8. Rainer Zufall
  9. Tim Messerschmidt
  10. Moritz Vieweg

The Best & Worst of Everything

Mirko Gleibe

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