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  1. Which Team to Cheer On is the Best Italo-german problem Right now
  2. The One For You Key Locker is the Best To Lose Today
  3. People Saying LoL In The Real World is the Worst Thing Ever
  4. The Best Thing Thing Is The Best Sign That The Most Amen Users Are Drunk On Friday Nights is the Best Thing i can say
  5. BMW M3 is the Best Reasonably Affordable Sports Car Ever
  6. Desperate Housewives is the Worst TV Program This Year
  7. iPhone is the Best Apple Product Ever


  1. Rainer mit ai ★
  2. Travis J. Todd
  3. Sar
  4. Robert Eysoldt
  5. Marguerite Vinet Imb
  6. Kobi
  7. Hiromitsu Aikawa
  8. Julia Rathjen
  9. David Alvarado
  10. Curt Simon Harlinghausen


  1. Johann Seltenhofer
  2. Rainer mit ai ★
  3. Hiromitsu Aikawa
  4. Bianca Bursi
  5. Alex Lunt
  6. East Westphalian Knight
  7. Elisabeth Kirch
  8. TheHawk
  9. Julana
  10. Jack Townsin

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