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  1. Aquaman is the Worst Superhero Ever
  2. People Younger Than You Not Understanding References To Shows From Your Childhood is the Best Sign that you're a Grown Up Ever
  3. Shoving It All In Your Mouth is the Best Way To Prevent People From Stealing Your Food Ever
  4. A Rotten Apple is the Worst Apple Product Ever
  5. Ceremonial Wooden Clogs is the Worst shoes Ever
  6. Whoever Designs For Lady Gaga is the Worst Ridiculous Fashion Label Ever
  7. Dan Barret is the Best heavy breather, Ever
  8. Brooke Hilbig is the Best Horse Ever
  9. Black Dynamite is the Best Soundtrack Ever
  10. A Bite Out Of A Cow is the Best Way To Take Raw Food Ever


  1. Hugh Jass
  2. John Doe
  3. Tobi Fischer
  4. James horbach
  5. Mike hunt
  6. Oliver Dehne
  7. Kelby Deerman
  8. Sparkly brown
  9. Lindy
  10. Billy Cundiff


  1. Luke Bolton
  2. Pat ducey
  3. Kelby Deerman
  4. Damsel fly
  5. William Hellriegel
  6. Mary Ann Starr
  7. Hugh Jass
  8. John Doe
  9. James horbach
  10. Mike hunt

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