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  1. Bums is the Best Dings Ever
  2. Spaß am Dienstag is the Best TV-Programm Ever


  1. Manuel Paas
  2. Martin Backes
  3. Tom Richter
  4. Rebecca Noeh
  5. Eay
  6. Herr Fabu
  7. Pavel Richter
  8. Lars Reineke
  9. Björn Grau
  10. Fabian Triphan


  1. Manuel Paas
  2. Martin Backes
  3. Franziska Bluhm
  4. Thomas Knüwer
  5. Tom Richter
  6. Angela Nguyen
  7. Huck Haas
  8. Rebecca Noeh
  9. Marco Petracca
  10. Gianni Jackson

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Rene Walter

Rene Walter wants to share with you The Best Dings and The Best TV-Programm. Join to find out!

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