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  1. Apple Inc. — Lobby Cafe is the Best Place for Coffee in Cupertino
  2. Total Tankstelle is the Best Place for Cultural Learning in Berlin
  3. Space: Above and Beyond is the Best TV Program Ever
  4. Monday is the Worst Day Of Week Ever
  5. D'r Nubbel is the Worst Tramp Ever
  6. Oktoberfest is the Worst Place for getting cheap, fresh beer in Munich
  7. PERFORMICS Germany is the Best Place for Getting Shit Done in Düsseldorf
  8. Yede Gör Döner is the Best Place for Middle Eastern Food in Düsseldorf


  1. Thorsten Meyer
  2. Hans J. Even
  3. Julia Rathjen
  4. Andreas Otterstein
  5. Verena Freese
  6. HAN SEO
  7. Laura Ashley
  8. Thomas Kilian
  9. Kristin Tabet
  10. Aaron Rosen


  1. Thorsten Meyer
  2. Hans J. Even
  3. Rainer mit ai ★
  4. Pascal Fantou
  5. Sven Massanneck
  6. Stephan Weiss
  7. Bernadette Spahn
  8. Silke Hargens
  9. F. Scott Woods
  10. Alexander Holl

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