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  1. Crunches is the Worst Exercise to Do after Midnight Ever
  2. Freiburg im Breisgau is the Best Place for Relaxing over the Weekend Ever
  3. Gym after Midnight is the Best Workout Ever
  4. It's Friday is the Best News Today
  5. Drop7 by Zynga is the Best Game for iOS
  6. Panini Baguette w/ Smoked Ham & dried Tomatoes is the Best Breakfast at Cuccuma Ever
  7. Clear is the Best ToDo-App Ever
  8. Twenty something with a Moustache is the Best How-To-Recognize-A-Hipster Ever
  9. People not working is the Best 1. May Phenomenon Ever
  10. Spending 120 Euros just on Wine and Appetizers is the Worst Hangover Memory of Last Night Ever


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