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  1. Wu-Tang Clan is the Best Musical Group From The 1990s
  2. Chanel is the Best Luxury Label (clothes) Ever
  3. Porsche is the Best German word internationally known Ever
  4. Opel "Mokka" is the Worst Branding Ever
  5. Comme des Garçons is the Best Wallet Ever
  6. These is the Best Chips Ever
  7. Wehrbellin See is the Best Place for Unplugging in Berlin
  8. Velsheda is the Best Yacht Ever
  9. the Desktop is the Best Start Point For Clean Up Ever
  10. Deadly Little Miho is the Best Top Female Movie BadAss Ever


  1. Johannes Klose
  2. Moritz Vieweg
  3. Till Ohrmann
  4. Waldemar Hein
  5. Daniel Jan Neetzel
  6. Dominik Pantelides
  7. Concierge
  8. Jenny Jung
  9. Cliff Pfefferkorn
  10. Baris Tamer


  1. Berk Karataş
  2. Johannes Klose
  3. Johann Seltenhofer
  4. LiDi
  5. Beatriz Vallejo Grove
  6. Enrique Tapia Capace
  7. Jenny Jung
  8. Miki Devic
  9. Tobiasz Walczak
  10. Marcel Duee

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