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  1. one blanket more than the minimum required to keep you warm. Human heating can only do so much. is the Best Thing In A Cold Bed Ever
  2.  wearing 6-inch heels to fight crime as a female super hero.  is the Worst Superhero Behavior Ever
  3. Bixels is the Best Baked Potato place in Berlin Ever
  4. Truly, overspicing the chilli. Your mouth becomes hell. is the Worst Cooking Disaster Ever
  5. Making me follow the employees of Amen when I first join the site is the Worst Marketing move I have seen today
  6. dont know that but one day old beer smells better than the U-bahn is the Best Smell Ever


  1. Thomas Leliveld
  2. Daniel Seyde
  3. Susanne Aho
  4. Mel Cheng
  5. Marita Markkula
  6. thpssngr
  7. Pino Bonetti
  8. Jennifer Altgen
  9. Kee Cheng
  10. Mari


  1. Falko Zurell
  2. Simona De Rosa
  3. Chiquira Wagner
  4. Wiebke Hurrelmann
  5. Rudy De Waele
  6. a
  7. Thomas Leliveld
  8. Daniel Seyde
  9. Susanne Aho
  10. Markus Yli-Honkola

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Surya Nair wants to share with you The Best Thing In A Cold Bed, The Worst Superhero Behavior, and The Best Baked Potato place in Berlin. Join to find out!

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