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  1. Nokia N95 is the Best Mobile phone Ever Built
  2. The Nutella Promo is the Best 2 for 1 Ever
  3. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! is the Best Film That Do Not Need A remake Ever
  4. Telling That You Have Only 3 Months To Live And That IS Your Favorite Movie is the Best Tactic To Get Out Of Late Rental Fees and Keep The Movie
  5. Nutella is the Best Thing To Spread On Anything Ever
  6. America is the Best Place for Eating Brownies Ever
  7. Rolling is the Best Way To Keep Moving Ever
  8. Ice Cream is the Best Thing Ever
  9. Scott Tenorman Must Die is the Best South Park Episode Ever
  10. Drinking is the Best Alternative To Waterboarding Ever


  1. Richardson Borges
  2. Julana
  3. Jens
  4. José Monaco
  5. Batikan Uzun
  6. Felix Petersen
  7. Camila Irala
  8. Caio Teixeira
  9. aplusk
  10. Felipe Tofani


  1. Mubzi
  2. Richardson Borges
  3. Julana
  4. Jens
  5. Ryan Seghier
  6. Amen Team
  7. Batikan Uzun
  8. Felix Petersen
  9. Camila Irala
  10. Dude

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