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  1. The job you love is the Best job Ever
  2. Eating Bacon is the Best Culinary Technique Ever
  3. Nikon D5000 is the Best Canon Ever
  4. Sandy Feet is the Best Thing about Summer Ever
  5. Playmobil is the Best Kids Toy Ever
  6. Laser Sword is the Best Light Source Ever
  7. Sunburn is the Worst annoying thing that keeps you from enjoying good weather Ever
  8. Having A Headache is the Worst feeling at school
  9. mashed Potatoes is the Best comfort food dish Ever
  10. Every Music Film is the Best Music Film that I can watch every week without getting tired of it ever


  1. Ailine Liefeld
  2. Kevin Slavin
  3. Eric Wahlforss
  4. Edial Dekker
  5. Dave Morin
  6. Curt Simon Harlinghausen
  7. Christophe Maire
  8. aplusk
  9. Alexander Ljung
  10. Travis J. Todd


  1. Christie hodges
  2. Marco Sykes
  3. Sascha Bonnemann
  4. He
  5. Paddy Ma
  6. Nikolai Drei'null
  7. Ruposaurus
  8. Klothilde

The Best & Worst of Everything

Vicky Gabriel

Vicky Gabriel wants to share with you the best job, The Best Culinary Technique, and The Best Canon. Join to find out!

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